14 Oct 2013

My Precious

Well it's been a while and I feel a bit like Frodo Baggins carrying the ring to Mordor. As the Moors guide gets closer to being finished the heavier the burden feels. I suppose working a full time job and trying to climb most weekends slows me down a bit, the good news is, proofing starts tonight, at last.
quite a wonderful journey really, one that won't end with the Moors guide, Such a nice area to go back to, hidden little projects to be done, no pre made chalk path, beta or anyone to bother you when you climb like a bag of spuds.

Anyway as the temperature dis now dropping the majority head to the grit for some well earned friction at last. Despite this my eyes are firmly fixed on the lesser known Mag Lime delights, these can be truly unbeatable as the tree canopy falls and the white gold is exposed to the elements.

This is also why we have started the Mag- Lime guide. Mike Adams has made massive progress over the years with many areas complete and new and old forgotten areas getting developed and recorded most weekends.

The guide will include quite a few surprise venues within the M1 - A1 corridor and will cater for a  wide range of grades. A great diversion from the usual peak circuits and a priceless resource for any local.
So much to enjoy at Captain Cooks
Mike gives Arncliffe an 8a 
Whitestone at Scugdale The Buzzard 6b, spicy 
Martin smashes some projects on the block named 'Dave' in Ingleby woods 
We lit up Highcliff 
Lisa takes on The Bridestones 
 And so it begins
 Unbelievable line! at the Earth Quarry
 Hanging Stone Woods
 The Legend gets on the Mag Lime, Hooton Cliff
A late one at Rattles Hill