29 Jul 2012

Big Game Fishing in the North Sea

Three weeks off work, then some swimming in Greece tomorrow, still had a chance to get a bit of a dream session in before flying off to some endless sun, squid and Amstel.
Joined by Steve we took the 1 hour 15 minute walk in from Hayburn Wyke, all this just to pass a block with quite a big shadow from outer space. Some amazing lines, top class fishing and a dream sunrise. Perfect
A lone block perched precariously, 5m high from a lower start under the block
The fish was smaller than the bait!
Clouds like fish swimming by
Waking up to a perfect sunrise. Wow
Finger locking bliss and first problem in the morning

A rare hanging jam crack, got the sequence wired, hands in tatters, next time...
Bold moves by Steve, great line, sorry about the horizon, my main computers packed in! so cannot rotate in photoshop.
Power past the side pull to a higher crimp
A thin Project.
What a 24 hours, I have underestimated what the East coast has to offer. It's so worth the arduous clamber over the rocks for peace and quite by the sea.
Time for a last bit of fishing.

16 Jul 2012

Coastal Attraction

I have become a coastal obsessive at the moment, any excuse to go to Whitby for fish and chips, also it gets a bit midgey this time of year never-mind the ticks, where have they all been hiding or breeding, seems to be more than ever?  Had a cosy little bro-mance session with James and Mike on sunday repeating a lot of Jason and Scott's problems at the Boulby right hand section, really good day on some good rock, hopefully James will get a short video up soon, It was nice finally to get my head round the vast amount of rock the cliffs hold, with still problems to go back to.
 Even more blocks
Tricky Campus
James eliminating the arete
If Mike falls off this I'm having his Pad - Scary!!

Back to where I started

Last week saw a visit to the place I first climbed 31 years ago. The Bridestones in the middle of Dolby forest. had a good day with Steve making sense of all the rock, climbing any lines that would be added to the guide that have not been previously documented. Quite satisfying.
It's good to see the rock has lasted the test of time and had no real signs of damage due to the years of climbers, young and old. The place really comes into it's own after a dry spell when it goes bone dry and less sandy, This I have only had the pleasure of once when I climbed 'The Tunnel'
looking at them now I'm sure generations to come will enjoy climbing the varied eroded beauties and it's so good to see the national trust looking after the place so well.
Sandy Arete
Unrecorded line
Welding the buttresses together in Photoshop.

3 Jul 2012

Sunset Over Boulby

So busy at the moment to write too much, so here is a little view of my belated birthday weekend at Boulby on the North East Coast.
Thanks for Planting me here
Rolling Cliff top hills on the approach
Steve Smashes the project, A highlight of the weekend
Cooling down the hot slopers, with a pad helped 
Andy Jennings Repeated New Horizon 7b
The Approach
Mike Adams on the Barrel Boulder
Boulby left end
Rainbows at Staithes
Sunset with Boulby in the distance