9 Dec 2009

Finishing Topos and Big Projects

The Tank Boulder
A gap in the weather this weekend, means a trip to Burbage boulders is on the cards, mainly to finish a topo, then maybe try a couple of projects!

The boulders in the valley offer varied climbing on a good scale of grades, the landings are good, plus now its colder, the harder problems will feel just that bit easier!

Topo Sample

A full topo will be available early next year from the betaguides site, with many more topos and circuits to be added once the site is running.

Another big project has begun this week, a DVD journal for 2010, plotting the development of climbing and bouldering in the North Yorkshire Moors, following the progress of a new generation of activists, pushing there limits on all the Moors has to offer.

Anyone who wants to get involved contact me at lee@betaguides.com  


  1. looks cool. What's the plan with the video journal?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, followed the sun over Christmas
    Anyway, Making a video that will also have PDF topos on it, highlighting the best of the moors climbing and bouldering, featuring new projects, the old guide is now out of print, so thought it would be a good idea, would be nice if you got involved?