31 Mar 2012

It's Here

Well it's here in the flesh, full colour, laminated cover, a feast for the eyes, packed with juicy limestone test-pieces, all pre-orders have been posted, thanks everyone and now you can also buy copies from the Climbing Works, www.climbingworks.com. The new price is £9.95 and you can still order it online with free postage: Click here for link

28 Mar 2012

Wrestling with Trolls

Their is something magical about searching for boulders in the woods, but sometimes this can end up in hallucinations, chasing deeper in the woods thinking you caught a glimpse of something just to find it was a dead tree stump or a pile of pine needles, hopes of large silhouettes like giant trolls turned to stone drive you on with the search and if your lucky you might find these giants, frozen by daylight many years ago, ready to crush the bones of a human once more.
James on - The Cutter 
Steve on Desert Rose, this problem is on a frozen giant in a newly developed wooded section of the moors that now holds quite a lot of good test pieces and still keeps on giving.
A trio from Saturday.

19 Mar 2012


It's been quite a weekend, conditions were perfect on friday to get on some wooded projects finished, this left me on a high, yet still the woods held some harder projects that continue to drive me crazy, the sandstone is absolutely belter, some of the best in the moors. 
Sunday saw a return to the coast. Yet again we were greeted by blue skies and a mass of sun kissed blocks, joined by locals Jason and Scott we got a good few cracking lines done, making it well over 100 problems with fine projects to go at, its going to be perfect place for the next meet.
A project no longer 'Dreamcatcher'
Steve on a good little arete
Brilliant from sit, 
Stunning coast, steeped in history

15 Mar 2012

Sunrise on the Coast

In the quest to develop the coast. A massive surprise venue has come to light, This is due to a tip off by some locals, Three visits later and some serious scouting, It looks like the venue has five sectors, holding tonnes of blocks, a mass of varied sandstone, ready to be clambered over by willing coastal explorers. The venue has a good mix of problems at range of grades with harder projects. So even after sleeping there last weekend, I cannot wait to get back.
Sunrise over the blocks
James on the left finish 
Where do you start?
Got about 70 problems done in two days from 3 - 7a.
A perfect weekend watching the stars and the coastal lights twinkling in the distance

4 Mar 2012

Pre-Order the Anston Stones Guide

It's time to get the Anston Stones guide to the printers, thought it would be a good idea to put a demo online and give anyone a chance to pre-order the guide. It will cost £8.50 including postage and consists of 48 pages of some of the best magnesium limestone the country has to offer.
Anston Stones Guide Demo
If you pay via the betaguides website you will be sent a PDF link to the demo only, Don't worry, we will send you a printed copy through the post as soon as the guide is back from the printers. the payment requires an address so the guide will be sent there.

Click here for link to pre-order the guide. Only 100 copies will be printed to begin with so grab one while you can.