21 Jun 2011

Another Meet

It's been a productive year on the moor up to now, loads of new problems, new venues are getting developed, Interest and effort has inspired me to have a second meet this year, I have been keeping a venue close to my chest lately, but after the last meet, thought it would be a good idea to hold a meet at this venue, for me it's one of the best on the moors, totally stunning, every time I go something catches my eye and with a bit of TLC it will be a premier venue for the UK, holding some future classic test pieces, it already has 70+ problems up to 7c+ and rising, with projects on blocks that are not typical of the moors. The meet will be held at the end of August/September, so please contact me if you are interested? lee@betaguides.com
The wet Ravenswick meet
Visualizing the project on the 'Wolf' at the Clemmitt's meet
Sublime arete at the next meet, Quite a prize if it gets done from sit?
I will be having a go on the left side of this arete, probably on a rope first.
Here are some links to previous visits of the meet venue: link 1 link 2 link 3

12 Jun 2011

East Coast Bouldering

Felt like a coastal visit this week, too many hungry little invertebrates have feasted on my flesh, plus the sea air might do the injured knee some good? looks like I will be taking a month off any serious climbing, might have to get it checked out next week, could do with a getting finger board, while not at the wall to get me strong enough to climb some of the hard projects.
 Cloughton Wyke Used by smugglers in years gone by, had a look in a few holes for wooden crates, no luck
A menacing roof, checked this out before when it was wet, cleaned up ok, sometimes blocks do fall the right way! this is one of them, plenty of holds all stable, even has a sit start, moving after this for me was brick hard the line looks like it will climb well, adding another hard project close to the one at Creek Point will be going back when the knee is better to do some spicier problems, Jame's might put a video together, watch this space........
James on one of the quarried blocks, the sit to this was tricky
One of the higher partially tidal blocks
The Video from James, even a rare appearance from me!
chucking my bad leg up on a mantle.

9 Jun 2011

Major New North Yorkshire Moors Venue

Clemmitt's in the woods demo, Buy Here
Well it's done! The 'Clemmitt's in the woods' topo is available to all for £1.50. One of the finest collection of boulders in the North Yorkshire Moors. The circuit weighs in at a hefty 80+ with some projects left in for good measure and not to forget Hero's Wall! someone might breech it? if you have any problems downloading it, Email me: lee@betaguides.com,  if not enjoy the problems. 

4 Jun 2011

Another double handful of problems

Day two on the Moor, back to one of my favorite venues, tried to sort a better walk in? still not sure? will be trying another way in, my legs are wasted, joined by a local hero of mine 'Webbo' we all added a good collection of additions.
Steve on a new line - Fifty Six 6c* 
Mike Adams on Vermillion 7c***
Mike also contributes to a good blog 'REDRaw Edge Days, have been following it for a while
The Dentist 7a+*** 
A video from James of some new problems  
Two weeks off work, need a rest! been good, cheers 'J'

The Sandstone Liberation Front

Clemmitt's today, to quench a disorder, OCD (Obsessive Cleaning Disorder) got in a good fix, we opened quite a few lines up, cleaned three new blocks up and we got all the straight up lines on the Iron Bar, giving it nine good problems, still need to clean the top a bit more, problem ten the top lip traverse?
 Iron Bru 7a***Tackles the SS to the Iron Bar then finishes direct
James on a new block - Wedge Antilles 6c**
James repeating Franco's excellent new traverse on the Ground Force Block (The block needs even more cleaning) Two new lines done today, bringing it to five
On the way out got the microscope out on Hero's Wall, four projects looked possible! cleaned and chalked the holds then started building the landing up a bit, top needs a clean via a rope, then thought why are we doing this? we have no chance? Back on the moor tomorrow, why not

2 Jun 2011

The Moors Crusades

The main focus of the last two weeks off work has been to finish a few projects and develop an area that has only about 17 problems documented. Probably as the walk in is around forty minutes. (trying to find an easier walk in via a farm track?) The venue is stunning and some of the blocks and lines are classic, the wooded area is quite a maze of quarried madness, so be careful, yet still it holds some quality lines and projects, more seem to appear every visit?  The problems now are well worth the visit and some of the projects look quite world class? two are highball aretes, another two the landings are safe yet the grade maybe in the upper 8's one is a prow and the other a perfect cut arete. The other two lines are on a vertical highball wall with a good landing. anyway got some good stuff done and as soon as the aches and strains are forgotten will be back.
James on Dick Ritchie 7a+***
Clarence Worley 6b+***
One to go back for, amazing lip, forgot to give it a haircut
Absolutely wasted