13 Dec 2010

Probably the best Bouldering jumper in the world

Burbage North again, Guy and Steve were keen to make the most of the large white landings!
It was also likely that it would be mostly dry

Eyeing up an unclimbed project? (in the BMC guide)  - goes direct up just right of my raised elbow
had a dabble - nice lower moves 
Chris Carr on the 'Tiny Slab'
Oaksi unleashing the full power of the jumper on 'Solitude' 6c
Mark hitching a lift after getting stuck on 'Jetty buttress'
Solitude was great as it was chalk free and dirty - so no visible beta,  just how I like it  - Then over to 'Jasons Roof' were I was welcomed with a bombardment of snowballs - from a daring little climber called Emily.
Yann Genoux making short work of the 'Terrace' 7c+
Ram-Man was over on 'Three Blind Mice' E7 6c** with Guy - so when they had done we all finished on 'Life in a Radioactive Dustbin' 6b 
Guy wishing he was t - a - l - l - e - r
on 'Life in a Radioactive Dustbin' 6b  
Oaksi fondling the standing start on 'Jason's Roof'
Highlight of the day for me was Oaksi's jumper - A ray of sunshine and fruity juiciness on a dull day - it also got more attention than the best problems in the area! I want one.

7 Dec 2010

Ploughing On

When the weather gets like this, I would rather be in the middle of nowhere, snowed in and surrounded by rock...
or somewhere hot.
With temperatures of -10 and colder every night, my speedos are packed! Lanzarote for Christmas here we come......
The street where we live is that bad with ice and snow that I have decided to 'hole up' in the warmth and crack on with next years project 'The Peak Bouldering Guide' - This will be also be available on Smart Phone via the Betaguides App.
We will be looking for anyone who wants to join in or test guides. email me: lee@betaguides.com
Stanage Plantation Sample
The Legendary Pebble Boulder
 James on Silk Start 7a+ - forgot to add this last week!