28 Apr 2011

Four in a Day

Had a day checking out some stuff on the list, first being Stone Bank, Mmm! back to the car
Stone Bank?
Next stop opposite Clemmitt's - Another lonely tree on the Moor?
View of Fryup Dale
Not much opposite Clemmitt's, nice rock, bit small - also walled and barbed wire? 
went into stealth mode and blacked up for a look over the wall - Just as I made it there, Martin Parker had just arrived at Clemmitt's, and grabbed the project the 'Bear' leaving it with the same name, good work, it felt like wrestling a bear when I tried it.
Then to Glaisdale, A clean looking cluster, previously hidden in a woods along time ago, only did five problems but the potential for easily about 20+ good problems 
The 'Witch' 6a+
An unfinished topo demo for the Glaisdale Head Boulders, have a go and tell me what you get done, the sun catches the front faces in the afternoon around 5pm

Just as I was leaving Glaisdale Luke Hunt rang and thought why not finish the day with a few Clemmitt's project attempts. Aching today resting for the Meet. I'll be there Friday morning through till Sunday, be good to see you all.
Luke very close to the right hand variation on Fryup Wall - he will get it next time?

25 Apr 2011

More Boulders Liberated

Another day at Clemmitt's, freeing up blocks from a mossy doom! each visit keeps throwing up more problems and hard projects to finish, adding to the already sufficient circuit across all the grades
Mick Radford on Arrogance of Youth 6c
Purely Campus 6a+ 
Freshly cleaned, A campus problem rising from sit from left to right around the block, no feet until the top! The line on the front face will go from sit from the block to an undercut on the prow, this was still dirty but will soon dry out.
Spotless 7a - The 'Clean Me' Boulder
This boulder is quite big and will hold some good lines once it's had a major clean, please clean some of it if you go, it will be worth it.
Rob wrestling the bear, a hugging project only for the very strong!
The Trap 6a standing only
Another new block, The Trap boulder with twin arete's it holds two hard sit start projects. you'll see why it's called the The Trap if you top-out - we got close to doing the left arete from sit, using undercuts, next time?
Rob trying to get buttock lift on the Trap, Mick waiting to do his extention on the arete, the first attempt had a backward roll start! great day and my landscaping skills are improving.

22 Apr 2011

One Tree Hill

A flying visit straight after work to tick another cluster off the list, I was unsure about the blocks but it turned out to be a great little venue, probably holding over fifty problems of various grades. On the way in you pass one of my favorite trees on the Moors, a solitary chap that's grown up pretty lonely, yet is still standing proud on the Moor, as if in defiance against the harsh conditions it's had to brave to keep pride of place, growing tall and strong for all to see. The tree reminds me of 'One Tree Hill' my favorite U2 song, the song reminds me of inspiring landscapes and how humble I feel to have spent time enjoying them, knowing that they will still be there long after I'm gone. Odd maybe? because its written in memory of a Maori friend of Bono's and also refers to a Chilean Poet, Never Mind!
 Proud but lonely tree
 Not bad
 Sunset Arete
 Nice prow
Quite a wall
Dyno or Not 6b**

20 Apr 2011

Dirty Thoughts

My thoughts just lately have been the Moors Meet, Will anyone turn up? at least now after everyones hard work cleaning and developing the problems, their will be plenty to do, yet still plenty left to go at.
This is also a big thanks to everyone that has climbed with me, helped out, bought topos, shared stuff they have done and told me about previous developments on the Moors, Last but not least a big thanks to Steve Crowe for helping promote the meet on his very useful site www.climbonline.co.uk
James on Imperial Biker Scout 7a
I hope to see you between the 30th of April and the 1st of May - I will be up on the Moors most of the week before so just email me if you want any details: lee@betaguides.com You will get a reply
Liberate 6c

11 Apr 2011

Ground Force

Some of the weekends Clemmitt's highlights. Too busy drawing maps to fill the text in just yet!
A view looking back at Clemmitt's and the Out of the woods boulders

2 Apr 2011

Project Giveaway!

Here is a chance for a strong contortionist to bag one of the best projects I have seen for a long while.
This very hard project has three hard moves, the first being a slap to a sloper (7a+). For the next move you need to adjust and reach right for the arete, grade (?)  The next move is probably a one arm pull from the pinch on the arete, grade (?) then gain a two finger pocket with the left hand. After that the right hand moves to a crimp and adjust the feet and pop to the top! 
The location is on the coast a couple of miles north of Scarborough, with a short walk in along the beach or a roped descent in and out used by beach fishermen.
A quick visit on Friday with Scott, confirmed that the project would take a lot of hard work and training and would need plenty of sessions working the moves. So with too much work to do on the guide some lucky punter can have it. Enjoy!

Creek Point Boulders, combine a day out with Stoupe Brow and you have a quality hard circuit and projects for any climbers limit
 Scott Gibson on the sloping rail on Creek Wall - about 7a+ if it was dry. Classic 
 The second hard move on the project
 A nice little Font 5+
Scott on the fine sharp leaning arete from sit Font 6a