21 Sep 2009

Dobb Edge

Sometimes we need a change, going the same old place, repeating the same problems!

For me, looking through old guides or old books with photos of places long forgotten can be of inspiration for a trip out, so while browsing through the Chatsworth Guide to the Peak, a crag caught my eye, Dobb Edge, not heard of that one Mmmm, so curious of what sort of problems would lurk there, a trip was in order.

And yes we were pleasantly surprised! The bouldering at Dobb Edge is set in the Chatsworth country estate landscape, complete with resident fallow deer, hares and even the odd daredevil flying display visible from the big house around holiday weekends! the circuit is pleasant with grades from font 3 to projects around 7a and up. Most problems are relatively short, though there are a couple of highball projects around. Spotters are needed for some.
the topo will be available soon at www.betaguides.com when the PDF links are sorted, for the meantime feel free to browse the areas as we add them.

                    Photo Rob Lonsdale on a classic arete
                 The Duke SS, Plus free aerial display behind

                       Dobb Edge residents, Fallow Deer

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