19 May 2014

A World of Contrast

Bouldering is full of contrast in so many ways. It has the Good the Bad and the Ugly. You get a guide out and choose your colour of preference. You like the look of the venue, but will it deliver? You never know until you climb it; that's the way it is. What I'm saying is, some of the neglected venues have a lot to offer; though not so attractive a setting. You've maybe looked it up on the web, seen a picture or video and think it all looks piss easy - how wrong you can be! You decide to give it go, try what you thought was easy. Then you pull on and fall off, try harder - it spits you off once more. You spend hours, days, maybe weeks. This might be some bizarre eliminate or a crack that looked easy, yet can be so fulfilling.

Today we spent nine and a half hours climbing in such a place, a forgotten quarry behind the Odeon cinema in the very centre of Mansfield. We witnessed fly tipping, heard screeches of rubber as doughnuts were being practiced in the car park behind the cinema, mixed with the sound of Jungle Techno Hard House and the rumble of the dolby sound system from the cinema. A bizarre soundtrack with which to climb, but atmospheric all the same.

In contrast to the negatives, it was an oasis in an urban jungle. The pleasant walk-in passed an idyllic stream laden with trout, locals fishing and having picnics, leading to a hidden quarry in a pocket of wilderness.

Some classic lines in a very contrasting environment.
As one youthful 'I was here' fades, The unfortunate addition of ever complex graffiti marks the passing of time. Where are they now?

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