4 Mar 2012

Pre-Order the Anston Stones Guide

It's time to get the Anston Stones guide to the printers, thought it would be a good idea to put a demo online and give anyone a chance to pre-order the guide. It will cost £8.50 including postage and consists of 48 pages of some of the best magnesium limestone the country has to offer.
Anston Stones Guide Demo
If you pay via the betaguides website you will be sent a PDF link to the demo only, Don't worry, we will send you a printed copy through the post as soon as the guide is back from the printers. the payment requires an address so the guide will be sent there.

Click here for link to pre-order the guide. Only 100 copies will be printed to begin with so grab one while you can. 


  1. Looks great Lee. Good work.

  2. Cheers Dave, Is the project your working that beauty of a roof you found when we were over?

  3. Hi, when will the printed guide be ready and will it have a map in it? I've just ordered it, but notice there are no directions... Thanks

  4. It should be ready in about two weeks. Yes a detailed map is in the guide and all the important information, thanks for the order