16 Jul 2012

Back to where I started

Last week saw a visit to the place I first climbed 31 years ago. The Bridestones in the middle of Dolby forest. had a good day with Steve making sense of all the rock, climbing any lines that would be added to the guide that have not been previously documented. Quite satisfying.
It's good to see the rock has lasted the test of time and had no real signs of damage due to the years of climbers, young and old. The place really comes into it's own after a dry spell when it goes bone dry and less sandy, This I have only had the pleasure of once when I climbed 'The Tunnel'
looking at them now I'm sure generations to come will enjoy climbing the varied eroded beauties and it's so good to see the national trust looking after the place so well.
Sandy Arete
Unrecorded line
Welding the buttresses together in Photoshop.

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