15 Sep 2010

Site Re-Vamp

The Addition of Star Locations for the best Bouldering Circuits
As it's nearly coming up to a year that Betaguides has been live online. Time for a re-vamp and some new features I think, like starred areas and how many problems of each grade in an area or maybe just the percentage?
The site will have an extra column under the area database header, giving it a blog like feel and will sell guide books from areas, this will also be added to this column. Headers will change for each Country and  the OS coordinate will link to the map of the relevant area, this will give a better aerial view than Google for bouldering in Ireland.
Having all this to do at the same time as mapping the North Yorkshire Moors, I am struggling to get the time to add a lot of the areas and parking, so any help would be appreciated! I need the Google Longitude and Latitude numbers and any descriptions if anyone would be so kind to send me them lee@betaguides.com  PS any Climbing walls can also be added to the site for the rainy days.....

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