29 Aug 2010

One off the list-One in the bank

After last weeks entertainment, the google views of the edge further north at Saltergate had me wondering? - some big shadows?
Saltergate Sandstone
Turned out to be a some very odd looking sandstone layers with strange looking bubble pockets in it? with some large enough to climb inside! (Geologists please tell me all about this)
Bizarre Pocketed Roof
Then the heavens opened so we retreated back to the car and headed to Round Crag following the clearer skies.
Rainbow Wall
After a dabble on Rainbow Wall - Liam and Brandon were keen to have a go at a problem I had seen a few weeks ago opposite Round Crag - onwards as the crow flies.....
Brandon on an early attempt
Depravation SS Font 7a+***
Bradon's smelly socks! SS font 6b (very tricky)
Quality isolated Moors classic's with more rock northwest to investigate - thanks lads for another mad-venture on the Moors (Click Here for Location)

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