6 Nov 2011

Do boulders have feelings?

After another day of exploration on Friday, I was full of doubt about what I was doing. I had been chewing it over it since the last time we were there. The problem? Worrying about disturbing the micro-environment by cleaning long-forgotten rocks. The rock had a new purpose other than the home to moss, woodlice, beetles, and ferns. Selfishly evicting them all, for some personal enjoyment raised questions. Was it ethical? Will anyone else be as motivated to seek out these sandstone puzzles in the woods? Will the eviction be pointless? 
Driving home with photos of new blocks and pictures of species I did not recognise again filled me with doubt, still the motivation to climb them had not faded and the memory of the day exploring forgotten blocks seemed all the more worthwhile. I'm sure the blocks might be happy of the attention? or they might remember being blasted out of the rock face to be roasted for iron 200 years ago and not be happy to see vertebrates again!
carabus problematicus 
James in the new SLF tick protection suit
The direct went quickly, the arete drove me nuts!

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