5 Feb 2012

Pasty Power

Here are a few things I love about the Moors
1. Curry pasties from the garage at Middleton
2. Every venue has a very different feel to it - each one feels like you are in a different area
3. The landscape is stunning
4. A lot of projects to get my teeth into
5. So much to develop, my head's spinning
*** Curry Pasty, a must if in the area
Three months wait and this area was bone dry. Time to warm up and get on a project that's been on my mind since we cleaned it. Bashed a few short projects out on the little block and the slab, to warm up. Then got on with the arete - two hours later after working out the moves, fell off right at the top on the easy bit! Then the snow came bang on time and that was the end of that. Next time....
 Horrendous trip back..... nearly got stuck in the snow in a remote dale, with no houses! 
Setting off on the project. Moves that rely not only on strength but fine balance, you feel like you're falling off all the way up.
Getting worried. Will I make it over to the next valley? It took six attempts to get the Hill!
Could still be up there - frozen!

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