9 Mar 2014


So I should have had my hair cut this Friday, but the urge to climb and clear my head was too strong.
After a mad rush I raced to Barnbrough Edge just to catch the sunset and get some shots of the walls that have been recorded to date. Normally climbing into the dark or sleeping at the venue never phases me, this time it was a bit weird, possibly because the venue is just off Hanging Stone Road? I was twitchy and on edge, hearing strange sounds like horses and creaking rope, no joking? mind you a runner came past in the dark and jumped out of his skin at the sight of bright lights and a mad wide-eyed boulderer. The vibe changes as darkness falls, be warned.

Day two- Saturday
A no brainer really heading to a roof to what is a bit of a dream find, a roof you just stand underneath staring at gobsmacked, with a zombie like expression, a reason to train hard and hope you can actually make any moves, and dare I say climb out the centre of it, I must say good effort to Mike for digging deep and christening the roof with composed power. The celebratory KFC afterwards was well deserved, even though I'm still upset with them for not replying to my sponsorship proposal.  

After that back to Barnbrough for a wind down that never happened, Jug pulling bliss, tricky sitting starts, causing no end of frustration, got my knickers in a right twist on the last problem of the day due to a footwork malfunction. 

The rapid escape from the urban environment is so surprising, such varied venues with a history you really don't expect, you just need to dig a little into a forgotten landscape with a rare beauty, full of myth and legend, you can experience Neolithic Britain, Castles, Battles, Industrial Revolution that has come and gone, reclaimed by Mother Nature.
Sleepy Hollow
Handy Canoe
Worry Lines
Overhanging Juggy Bliss

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