10 Aug 2011

Anston Stones

Work has started on the Magnesium Limestone Guide, Ok it's not work, just an excuse to go climbing more and explore new places. One of the first places to map is the Anston Stones.
Met up with Mike for a walking guide book tour of the bouldering there, Hiding in a SSSI woods. A typical woods upon first glance with scrappy looking walls beside the paths, but dig deeper and hidden from view are some unforgiving limestone problems. By the time we reached the first wall, I realised the place was quite magical and not long after this the balance of the universe was soon rectified and we were attacked by wasps, my arse has a massive sting on it! After the tour I was Inspired by a lifetime of of work, knew I would have to dig even deeper to do the place justice. lets hope I can.
Front Cover - Mike on Fire in the Rain 8b+***
Mystical Woods
Topo demo - Woody's Wall - Beware of the Wasps - Ouch
It was obvious Mike was still in love with the place and I could see why, sometimes you put so much of yourself into a venue, you feel like part of yourself is written all over the rock.
Dawid ready to Launch
Dan gets the tick
Dawid said "Behind you!" the secret way into the Inset Area
A*** Classic - the Inset Area