11 May 2014

Local Rock

It's always tricky planning your weekend fix when the typical weather wheel of fortune has set in over the UK, sun, rain, hail, high winds, the frustration as the first shower hits your head just as you've spent an hour working out the moves, then each drop that falls whittles away at your optimism, wet pad, soggy shoes, your frustrations spiralling into soaking pad on head, muddy shoes, towel drying holds with a drenched jacket covering the top hold.

Time for a KFC break, This was a one of the main benefits of being on local rock in the centre of Mansfield.

For me now, the Esoteric East venues are becoming a priceless resource to dodge the British weather, I cannot believe we have not yet been shut down on any weekend, it's going to be worth the effort getting it into print.

Anyway, this was just round one, the shower past, sun drenched the crag. back for more, walking back in, clothes soaked, wet pads, showers looming, time to embrace the frustration again.
 A drenched Mike gave us the quote of the day "This reminds me of climbing days when I was in my twenties" Success was his, adding a thin 7c+ to the wall.
Failure on a sweet sloping crackling, hit the top twice, never blamed the rain, honest. 

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