5 May 2014

The Space Between

Some statistics say men think about sex every 7 seconds, others say 34 times a day, a worthy pastime with a satisfying climax.

It makes you wonder how many times a day a climber thinks about a problem/project compared to this?

Being an addict myself, nearly every waking hour and synaptic fibre that still works in my head is dedicated to finding a piece of rock and working a problem hoping to find that perfect moment in the process. I suppose this is a comparative climax. with similar moans and groans before the end result.

How do the two compare?

What are the benefits?
1. Rock will never complain about your poor performance.
2. The rock will never turn you down.
3. Rock will stand waiting for you through rain, sleet or snow.

Not so good
1. The rock will cheat on you, letting anyone on top, even if your there.
2. Rock is very frigid, quiet never uttering a word despite your best efforts.
3. Rock has a heart of stone, never returns any affection and always forgets your birthday.

Anyway best stop thinking and get climbing.
 Projects on the brain
 James living life on the lip
 Squeeze that arete
Chilling out up high on the Moors

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