22 Nov 2009

Waiting to Clean up the Green

Sat at home looking through a rain spotted window at a mass of grey and not getting out, is like having an itch you cannot scratch, to make things worse, I got to thinking of the places to go back to when there is a big dry spell!!!

Shepherdskirk Boulders Kyloe woods

Deep damp woods are getting deeper and damper, hidden boulders could end up buried under all the winter fall, rock can vanish without a trace.......

Binky Crags Kielder Forest
Kielder forest Northumberland is one such place this has happened, the forest is vast and has a scattering of small groups of Sandstone edges and Boulders that are slowly disappearing, or being removed by the diggers as they prepare the next wave of trees to be planted, the vast forest surely bears a sandstone oasis?

 A North Yorkshire Moors Intimidating Prow
Closer to home the North Yorkshire Moors is getting greener and a lot less traffic these days, but not forgotten, The stones are just sitting waiting for brighter skies and welcome grooming from the adventure boulderer.

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