24 Oct 2010

Saved by the Black Wall

Still intent on going to the meet this weekend even after the weather was worse than forecast, it was left to Mark and myself to set up base camp at the 'dry in a monsoon wonder' that is Black Wall at Ravenswick quarry.
Base camp. Good for mud slides! My tent flooded early Sunday morning! After a change of clothes, 
warmed back up again at the Lion Inn with a sausage and bacon butty and a massive pot of tea - a most 
welcoming pub - highly recommended.
Black Wall - still dry after 3 days of rain
Surprised that anyone would turn out in this weather - Saturday ended up quite a session, with young moors explorer Sam, finding the first nice line - and then showing the way with some good technique.
Sam Marks attempts Bio-fuel SS Font 6c
Dave Middleton on his painful crimp project
only later to be flashed! by Steve Ramsden
Steve Ramsden on Dark Times SS Font 6b***
The classic of the crag
Mark Wilson on the finishing moves of 'Spiderman'
Showing Oaksi the finger jam placement on Bio-fuel
Night bouldering. The lower platform traverse from right to left - Creepy Crawly Font SS 6b** Climbs via the thin higher crack far right, a technical double crux - needs cleaning after wet spells 
Night time project (Photo Mark Wilson)
After plenty of cleaning the first set of problems on the all weather Black Wall were ready and there were plenty more projects to go at. A perfect venue for a rainy day! Big thanks to all that were determined to come out in the wet. 

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