13 Dec 2009

Back to Chatsworth

Two dry days thats all? thick mud, green slime, a bad time to go off piste?, but what the hell! after a night of excess and dancing till two in the morning with the wife, a trip out to Chatsworth with post finger operation Rob, seemed like the perfect cure for a hangover? a trip out after the wet weather....

That Pocket is Mine
Straight to Outside for breakfast, then over to the green lichen covered rock of Chatsworth Crag!!!
This is the home to some most impressive classic routes in the Peak, unfortunatly they don't see enough traffic, even though the is crag easily accessible and is set in an impressive panorama of the peak.

The bouldering is very worthy of a summers night, or a dry cold winter, good hard problems, some quite scary, others very morpho, a good double hand full of problems, entertaining and worth while, Desperot Ben Moons addition looked like it was getting some attention, dispite the crag being green and a bit brittle in places...

Check the greasy holds first

Dangerously Flying Downhill

Good and Hard from Sitting

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