31 Jan 2010

A Western Sun Trap

A Clear Sky over the Burbage Valley
Finally a break in the weather! it was a choice between the North Yorkshire Moors or the Peak.
The Peak won, so straight to Burbage West, a fine sun trap in the low temperatures, and very social relaxed start to the year.
Tom eating up 'Breakfast' Font 7a**
with Oaksi spotting, blinded by 
Toms technique or maybe the sun?
Some Good test pieces were taken on the day, and attempts were made at some of the "so from there you have to latch that!"(SpartacusFont 7c**) with good range of other problems to keep everyone amused.
Working 'Famous Grouse' font 7c*
Proving Girls have better technique, 'Lucy' 
showing the boys the way on 'The Nose' Font 7a*
As the shadows and the cold fell on the west, we headed over to Burbage North for a dabble on the classics, some starts had been under massive snow drifts that had been dug out by keen activists, thanks.

The sun faded on the valley, painting the rock an amazing red and gold, reminding me of Torridon and Applecross trips to come.......... 
'Remergence Start' Font 6b

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