10 Oct 2010

A Yorkshire Coastal Venue?

Woke up this morning with plans to do a Moors circuit but my exploring head got the better of me.
After a quick check of the tides (2.30pm low tides), it was time to take the 'Ravenscar to Hayburn Wyke dense boulder cluster tidal challenge', Believe me many a helicopter has lifted a stranded tourist off this three mile tidal run the gauntlet, with no easy escape route. Before you ask - yes I messed it right up and bottled it! Had to take a scary escape route!!!!  Averted the need for helicopter rescue thanks to my trusty innov8 mud-claws four wheel drive for feet, though I still had to tramp through some dense gorse bushes. Arghhh!! I hate them more than midges, tall bracken, deep heather, deep bogs, horse flies and private land (should I say that?).
Probably about 8 out of 10 on the brown trouser-omiter due to the rising surf. All the hassle was well worth it, as Yorkshire now has a coastal bouldering venue.  It's no St Bee's, but on a dry day if you arrive two hours before low tide it's worth a look - stunning area with still more to look at when I get the tides right!
The first nice block - slightly sandy in the damp air
Mars and two small buoys?
A little dabble
Do Wild Country do a seaweed brush?
The sun cheered me up no end on a dull misty day

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  1. Lee - you've just properly debunked the notion that boulderers have no sense of adventure! I'll have to have a look one day when there is a spring tide. TonyH.