31 Dec 2012

With a Bang

What a way end a brilliant climbing/exploring/getting on stuff that was not dry at last! year.
This last trip was a flying visit to Scotland, The Coastal blocks near Aberdeen (Thanks to Mike's wiliness to Drive 18 hours there and back)
 It's a place of endless beauty and geology that will probably be still left totally unchartered even in ten of my lifetimes. What a resource if you are prepared to put the effort in.
We had a perfectly crazy day, beating the sun to rise then voluntarily getting stranded by the tide
As always I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Anyway, happy new year and a big thanks to all that I have climbed with, been inspired by or just plain out there doing it, without you all I would be lost. Cheers, I tip my bobble hat off to you.
Bagging an 8 on sunrise, not too shabby
What a block I'll be back for the arete on the right, Optimus Prime
Quickly moving on to 'Big Grey' block
Not another 8! must have ate too many sweets
Sublime golden arete glittering with mica in the sun
Also had a foam party
Skye wanted the tide to go out, Mike just carried on

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