16 May 2010

Out of Reach

Another big exploring session with Steve Ramsden- only nine hours this time!
This time checking out what lurks at Oak Crag? Deciding to leave no stone unturned? (maybe not) we crossed the full edge. Parking on the road just before Round Crag. A mistake really as the walk in was pretty bare of any interest until Oak Crag appeared... Our eyes quickly honed in on the steep looking wall that turned out to be the North Butress.
Steve ready to pounce to the sloper just 'Out of Reach'
 A project to train hard for
 Nice moves on the sit start
Steve working the left arete
After some full throttle efforts and a dabble on the left arete, time for me to shoot off and investigate....
Oak and rock fused together
Shooting off South a mile or so. A cluster of boulders appeared - the right way up with some high top outs and steep lines - after a quick sweep I ran back to Steve dragging him away from the projects with high expectations of the cluster? (Duck Boulders) The boulders were good mostly not the grade we wanted to test ourself on. Non the less a worthwhile Font 4/5 circuit could be developed here if that is your grade, with a left hand steeper buttress containing some harder lines - we tackled the best looking line an arete that proved to be a very interesting series of slapping moves from sit  'Beaucoup de Gifle SS Font 6b***' Seven slaps to small crimps and slopers.
Beacoup de Gifle SS F6b*** (French for 'a lot of slaps')
Finally to Round Crag to bag the steep arete on the boulder below the impressive pinnacle.
This fell very quickly to Steve with a impressive flash from stand! the sitter soon after - precise moves to an explosive finish.
Steve's signature move on -  Pannierman's Arete Font 6b** SS 6b+***
Fully satisfied and totally battered we left with thoughts of projects and more Moors classic sandstone days out to come.........


  1. That sloper on the Oak wall looks good and not very far away in the pics! Can't wait to get back on it!

  2. What a line! progressively amazing! crux at the right place