10 May 2010

Cabin Fever-Healing and Divine Limestone

Decided to rest this weekend! needed to heal. But it did not take long to get cabin fever, especially since Dooge (Dave Warburton) was keen to repeat Waylander - which he did with some finesse. check out his blog -  For a classic comedy video of Dave opening up a great looking extension line to Waylander.
After a one days rest the urge to view or wrestle with any kind of geology had overcome all of my rational brain functions. So a visit to Oaksi's additions to the South Cave Anomaly the St Austin's stone
St Austin's stone
The rock is is an agglomerate, a very hard chalky flint infused limestone, remnants of an ancient sea bed, and very different to the Flamborough Flint layers within the sea cliffs. The problems look very entertaining. Just hope the stone isn't cursed!
Amazing Chalky Limestone Agglomerate

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