22 May 2010

Sunrise over Goathland

With two social events to attend saturday and sunday were fully booked! So time for a friday afternoon-wild camp session mixed in with the exploration of five more Moors locations.
Having Googled blocks below Goathland -  followed up with a bit of O/S map info. It looked like it could be worthwhile?
My New Home! 4 Hunt House Crag
First stop Hunt House Crag - Broken prow edges, eroded Sandstone best left alone - Until..... just before Cropton forest as the crag runs round left - A boulder that looked quite out of place with the rest of the crag appeared....
The Huntsman Font 7a SS*** 
The block had some good lines on, firstly being drawn to the traverse without using the top of the block, after some striaght up warm ups. I initially want to start further left 7b? and hoping to end further right but this would need a stamina junkie to take this line, Eventually starting on the first hold in reach from sit. The Huntsman sequence took an hour and a half to work in the heat. But with Ram - Man in my head saying "you cannot leave this, rest get back on it" even with good foot holds the hand sequence was very tricky! It felt like a very good tick.
A bit further south the woods drew me in, like Hansel without Gretal and Instead of a gingerbread house Blawath Crag filled my belly with a big roof! Going back with Spotters.
Northwards next skimming along Skivick Crag heading towards Archy Crag and the Raven Stones passing strange Sandstone sculptures, no two blocks looked the same.
Dead Tree Boulder
Archy Crag was very pretty small but still went uphill for a look.
Archy Crag
Finally looking down the hill. The Ravenstones were visible, on the O/S map they stretched down hill and up on to the moor in and above the woods? This ended up to be the most insane trek I have ever done! Small boulders on the way down? so up to the Moor hoping for bigger blocks? The passage up was a very dense part of Bumble Wood, bumble indeed, with no fire break to get through! would I ever get out?
Half way through!
150 metre trek uphill - no light - mat on back!
Sunset on the Raven Stones
Anyway not much to report on the Raven Stones and questioning my sanity, I headed back down to Wheeldale Beck to Camp for the night. Rewarded in the morning with a perfect sunrise over Goathland.

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