22 Aug 2010

Powered By Steam

Skelton Tower - Just North of Levisham
After a tip off from Roger - He spied some small steep edges along Levisham Bottom just above the Pickering railway line (Click here for Location) After a quick web search of walkers blogs the scenery looked good but their wasn't much sign of any rock and the google views looked a bit sparce? But what the hell it was somewhere different to try
A great leaning block near the tower (hard top outs)
The walk to the tower was less than ten minutes easy on the legs (very flat) and the view was excellent. Along the edge were two nice little blocks with enough for a good workout. Further North East was a long over grown low edge, struggled to find much on it but still will definatley be going back for another walk and climb, need to checkout the edges on Saltergate Moor (Click here for Location) might even take the mat on the steam train? the only way to travel to the crag.
Steam Engines every hour
Powered by Steam SS F6b with a hard groove project to the right
Jolly Roger SS F5+
Two worthwhile problems on the small overhanging buttress 100 metres away from the tower, perfect for a picnic and a chillout.

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