3 Aug 2010

Subterranean Projects and Back on the Moors

Caught up with Liam and Brandon on monday night - they were both very psyched about a prow they had stumbled across just outside Doncaster - curious for a look after watching their crazy footage on vimeo (click here to watch - 18 certificate) you may wonder why anyone would bother to find such places to boulder?
But if you had the most boring square on any OS map (click here) near where you lived and not a sniff of decent rock for over an hours drive,  some deep investigating is needed - and this venue was just that, it was like the journey to the centre of the earth - worth it though the technical moves got harder as you got closer to the spicy top out, they were both very close to getting it as the light faded.
Liam on the 'Into the Light Project'
Back to the Moors
After passing two nice looking edges on the way back from Middle Head Crag - decided to march across the lower edges of High Blakey Moor - Firstly dropping on to Hill House Nab (click here for location)
Applied Mathematics SS font 6c+ arete-mono-mono-arete-top-class
The arete in the background is four metres high and the leaning boulder on top has lines on it - back with spotters I think.
At this point I was happy with the findings on this crag, but curiosity got hold of me as it always does - and another power trudge followed - to be continued?

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