5 Nov 2010


With trips on the horizon - Scotland - Devon and back to Ireland, Felt pretty good until Déjà vu crept in! last year the weather held alot boulderers off the rock for a good six weeks! bad cabin fever 
The trips to the Moors were getting wetter, keep having to stop off at Ravenswick for a dry wall to climb on. Click here for free guide Even with the damp mist in the air my hopes for some good boulders at Tor Hill were high, only to be let down by some quite small damp leaning blocks, managed one problem! 
Leaving the Tor Hill Boulders Westerdale
A quick exit and back to Ravenswick to find yet more good problems - mostly eliminates but who cares when the weathers bad. The development of the wall is going well, but will it start to leak badly?
Ravenswick- cleaning the Black Magician SS font 6c+
Is it time to cheat on the beloved sandstone and fondle some grit? A dilemma!

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