13 Feb 2011

Living the Dream

A planned weekend to try some projects at Ravensdale (Aka Stoupe Brow) again the weekend ended up open planned due to the weather, so a return visit to Cloughton Wyke for further investigations with hopes for  coastal development? The tide times were perfect 4pm high tide, so had four hours of  forecast sun which came just has promised - perfect timing - no chance of drying the blocks though
Land slipped blocks, usually dry - The roof looked good and hard
Dangerous foamy coastal investigations - slippery navigation!
Am I seeing things? A bouldering Oasis!!
The two boulders held plenty of problems - One stood out for me, the hanging arete! maybe for me the perfect problem? 
The sit start very strong and well balanced - eyeing the next move up to left hand sloper
Making progress holding the arete? still two moves not linked!
Two finger pocket and up to a right hand crimp
 Cut loose then pop to the top
Sorry but the location of this problem I will be keeping a secret for now, this is one of the best problems within the grade that I may achieve?