6 Feb 2011

A Right Royal Bouldering Meet

Thought it was time to organize another meet, Last year's explorations have proved the dales on each side of Blakey Ridge have enough bouldering on to keep most activists happy and the scope for new development keeps me going back for more.  Oak wall needs someone to hit and hang the sloper - any takers? Camp Hill is a great little venue - Clemmitt's Crag actually has some big boulders and some steep walls - Further away Ingleby Incline is just crying out to for a circuit to be developed so here's your chance. Email me if you are interested?
Oak Wall Project - Oak Crag
Body Torque Block - Stormy Hall
 Boulders in need of a bit of gardening - Clemmitt's Crag
 Rosedale Monolith - Rosedale Head 
 Some real scope for a circuit at Ingleby - It goes on for miles
One of Camp Hill's finest - Phileas Fogg

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