20 Apr 2011

Dirty Thoughts

My thoughts just lately have been the Moors Meet, Will anyone turn up? at least now after everyones hard work cleaning and developing the problems, their will be plenty to do, yet still plenty left to go at.
This is also a big thanks to everyone that has climbed with me, helped out, bought topos, shared stuff they have done and told me about previous developments on the Moors, Last but not least a big thanks to Steve Crowe for helping promote the meet on his very useful site www.climbonline.co.uk
James on Imperial Biker Scout 7a
I hope to see you between the 30th of April and the 1st of May - I will be up on the Moors most of the week before so just email me if you want any details: lee@betaguides.com You will get a reply
Liberate 6c

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