25 Apr 2011

More Boulders Liberated

Another day at Clemmitt's, freeing up blocks from a mossy doom! each visit keeps throwing up more problems and hard projects to finish, adding to the already sufficient circuit across all the grades
Mick Radford on Arrogance of Youth 6c
Purely Campus 6a+ 
Freshly cleaned, A campus problem rising from sit from left to right around the block, no feet until the top! The line on the front face will go from sit from the block to an undercut on the prow, this was still dirty but will soon dry out.
Spotless 7a - The 'Clean Me' Boulder
This boulder is quite big and will hold some good lines once it's had a major clean, please clean some of it if you go, it will be worth it.
Rob wrestling the bear, a hugging project only for the very strong!
The Trap 6a standing only
Another new block, The Trap boulder with twin arete's it holds two hard sit start projects. you'll see why it's called the The Trap if you top-out - we got close to doing the left arete from sit, using undercuts, next time?
Rob trying to get buttock lift on the Trap, Mick waiting to do his extention on the arete, the first attempt had a backward roll start! great day and my landscaping skills are improving.

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