28 Apr 2011

Four in a Day

Had a day checking out some stuff on the list, first being Stone Bank, Mmm! back to the car
Stone Bank?
Next stop opposite Clemmitt's - Another lonely tree on the Moor?
View of Fryup Dale
Not much opposite Clemmitt's, nice rock, bit small - also walled and barbed wire? 
went into stealth mode and blacked up for a look over the wall - Just as I made it there, Martin Parker had just arrived at Clemmitt's, and grabbed the project the 'Bear' leaving it with the same name, good work, it felt like wrestling a bear when I tried it.
Then to Glaisdale, A clean looking cluster, previously hidden in a woods along time ago, only did five problems but the potential for easily about 20+ good problems 
The 'Witch' 6a+
An unfinished topo demo for the Glaisdale Head Boulders, have a go and tell me what you get done, the sun catches the front faces in the afternoon around 5pm

Just as I was leaving Glaisdale Luke Hunt rang and thought why not finish the day with a few Clemmitt's project attempts. Aching today resting for the Meet. I'll be there Friday morning through till Sunday, be good to see you all.
Luke very close to the right hand variation on Fryup Wall - he will get it next time?

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