22 Apr 2011

One Tree Hill

A flying visit straight after work to tick another cluster off the list, I was unsure about the blocks but it turned out to be a great little venue, probably holding over fifty problems of various grades. On the way in you pass one of my favorite trees on the Moors, a solitary chap that's grown up pretty lonely, yet is still standing proud on the Moor, as if in defiance against the harsh conditions it's had to brave to keep pride of place, growing tall and strong for all to see. The tree reminds me of 'One Tree Hill' my favorite U2 song, the song reminds me of inspiring landscapes and how humble I feel to have spent time enjoying them, knowing that they will still be there long after I'm gone. Odd maybe? because its written in memory of a Maori friend of Bono's and also refers to a Chilean Poet, Never Mind!
 Proud but lonely tree
 Not bad
 Sunset Arete
 Nice prow
Quite a wall
Dyno or Not 6b**

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