27 Aug 2012

Pause for a second

Bank holiday weekend, fingers have been crossed all week for some good weather. 
Still we should not just rely on hope. Weather is a science that you need to learn for every area you may boulder in. It can take a while to understand rock conditions and weather fronts; but believe me it's worth it.  
I wish some website exsisted that could evaluate the variables and tell you where to climb, but this is not going to happen, so you have to go on knowledge and judgement.

As luck or good judgement would have it, I managed a couple of days.
Sunday's plan was to check out the rest of the quarries on Blakey Ridge - venues with easy access and some good problems, just off the road. 
Best made plans can change, though! A project at the first quarry, which I never expected to find, absorbed me the rest of the day. Even as I write this, am looking forward to getting back on it.
Off-beat problem. You get over the bulge, prepare to launch off a sloping crimp and a tiny crimp,
then the brain kicks in and you drop off! Missed the mats once, shins bleeding after hitting the overhang mid-dyno, brilliant.
Had to stop on the way home, what a view of Farndale.

Day two:  Cloughton Wyke
Planned to sleep at the venue, but gave it a miss due to the rain late, the day before. I missed a good sunrise, but still arrived early, to get the rest of the shots of the blocks for the guide. I don't know whether I'm getting old, keep finding myself stopping and looking at everything appreciating all that surrounds me. I want to dig deeper into where I have been and experience it more than just to turn up and climb a problem and walk away.
Tide's out, happy days
Surfs up, time to fly off 
Resident lichen

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