12 Aug 2012


After three days and two nights on the blocks it's time to take a day off to watch the last day of the olympics. It's been an inspiring few weeks watching world class athletes. It makes bouldering on the moors seems a world away, yet the effort to climb and explore keeps you pretty fit, with some fantastic back-drops. Let's hope climbing is in the next olympics? might try to enter! need to think up a catchy finishing signature move.

Anyway as for the last three days. The task of finishing the guide is at the front of my mind, so finishing off areas and getting shots I had missed previously was the aim.

Lucky for me I met up with some of the younger climbers that were up and active on the moor, still very psyched, Repeating and putting up new routes and boulder problems right across the moors and coast, as well as developing new venues, some of the ascents are really news worthy even though the moors are considered a climbing back-water by some people. 
Matthew Ferrier adding a tough little 6a to the circuit at Round Crag 
A neglected block a the lower Wainstones Neglect 6c+
 Franco Cookson on Psycho Syndicate E5 6c
 Dave Warburton on a new problem on the North Buttress on 
Cold Moor (Originally called Mount Vittoria)
Pads essential Dave Warburton hits the top adding to the already hefty Wainstones circuit.
 Steven Phelps on his own route White Star Line 6a+, on a new crag that's now all clean and tidy ready to climb. I'll give the location away when Steve's finger is better so he can try his final project.
Meteor Shower  6c 7.5m three pads, possibly E2 6b on a lead, you need a sling at the top and holds need checking before any attempt to climb.

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