3 Sep 2012

Computer Says No

 Just a quickie, more development going on with help from the Moors massive, this time on the second longest  ridge of blocks on the moors, thankfully it's not as tricky as Ingleby, Having only put up a couple of problems before It was good to make a start on this part of the moor, with some surprises as always, how do we miss so much?
Also managed the hardest sit start I've ever done. Under a bivi cave, a full on hard pull, you hold the holds prepare to pull, body says go, nothing happpens, pull harder, It hurts, nothing happens, you need to re-boot with more RAM, then some how it comes together.
This is what it's all about, still a project after two sessions.
19 problems 5 projects, Never mind the crag! It's a good job I understand these scribbles.

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