10 Aug 2012

Photo and Video Competition

To promote the new Betaguides website we are giving away some goodies, all you have to do is add a video or picture of your own to an area on the website (the picture or video has to be from this area).

It's so easy to do, Just find the area on the drop down list, click on betaguides+ and fill in the details, upload the picture or paste the top HTML web address in the box for video.

The competition is open to all UK areas and Ireland. If the area is not on the website you can easily add it by clicking on the add area and dropping the pin then submitting the area, once approved you will be able to add and picture or video.

The goodies on offer are:

1. Beastmaker 2000
The monster of all training boards
2. Dave MacLeods 9 out of ten climbers make the same mistakes
A must read to help make gains in you climbing
3. Betaguides Sunny Tee
Stand out from the rest, you may need sunglasses, very bright
4. Anston Stones Bouldering Guide 
Limestone bouldering at it's best

The competition deadline is the end of September 2012, please do enter your pictures and videos.
All of them will help build the Betaguides website into a better resource for future bouldering generations to use.

Looking forward to seeing them all


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