12 Nov 2012

Sailing on a breath of a wind

A jam packed weekend, absolutely knackered!
Straight after work on Friday drove up to the Borough to set a nasty set of problems at the Rock Antics Wall  
I've given the wall a few little prizes for the person that gets the most problems done. Then they made me climb most of them! it hurt.
Bagged some more good shots at Cooks Saturday and managed to win the £10 bet off Steve by climbing the little roof direct at Potters quarry, It took a while.
Sunday saw a frog march to Kay Nest then high crag climbing stuff I had forgotten about, It nearly broke me especially the walk back.
The only way to fly
A Potters quarry classic Borbeletta 6a
New World 7a, tackles the roof direct, worth a tenner any day
Dave who I met at the wall joined us for a circuit
got a good shot of him on First of Many 5+ Potters Quarry
Looking out on a tempting ridge I've not yet checked?

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