19 Nov 2012

No One Can Here You Scream

Despite the erratic weather I'm enjoying climbing so much at the moment, training hard and whittling away my own projects.
Most of the time we are going back to areas to get shots and finish the guide off, sometimes the re-visits are proving fruitful climbing stuff we had dismissed, missed or just felt they were damned hard. pretty rewarding.

Talking about rewarding, Mike Adams has finally climbed the sharp arete at Kay Nest, my favorite venue in the Moors, He has called it 'Mixed Emotions' and it weighs in at a heavy 8b+
I am thinking of having a get together there when the guide is released next spring, what a place to camp look at the stars and wake up to sun kissed boulders.

Never ever heard Mike scream before!
14 hours of walking in and out, 7 sessions later 'Mixed Emotions 8b+' what a line.
 Friday's misty session along the Earthworks ridge.
 Sunday James got smashed in and obsessed on this classy lip/arete
didn't even manage one problem. must try harder, see me after class.
So close ran out of juice, now have three projects to go at, got the moves sorted, keen to go back,
just drawing it all up tonight.

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  1. Never have I witnessed a more amusing scream than this gem back in 07'...