4 Nov 2012

Happy Place

It's been a bit wet on the Moor of late, A perfect time to explore or clean some projects.
Today the weather inverted, giving us a glimpse of bracken free dry conditions, with high hopes for the coming weeks to get back to that happy place, were projects can be worked and excuses of conditions are gone, another taste of the elation of success, then a few days later, was it that hard? So on to the next fix, bring on a cold dry winter?
A 7b sit start to an old school HVS
VS slab eliminate very sketchy!
Mist pouring over the Moor
I cannot see where I parked?
Half an hour ago I was in the dip in the ridge, whipped across the moor to try a recently discovered project, really close, worth the mad dash.


  1. Lovely pictures, particularly the last one.