21 Apr 2013

Climbing My Brains Out

Not had much time to put stuff up on here in a while, life gets in the way sometimes, but when climbing is life and conditions are right, then it's time to get smashing some blocks in while you can.
weddings, births, winter and a delayed spring, the circle of life never ends. 
Luckily the cold harsh prolonged easterly winds have done wonders to the moorland rock and conditions are unbelievable, especially after months of damp. The wet spell has helped me knuckle down and get the bulk of the guide finished, Not long now.... a few more venues to sort and it will be full steam ahead with the Mag lime and a Leicestershire guides, but not without a remote mountain trip before it gets started. 
 The delights of the Blakey quarries, and yes Steve has jeans on, now that's progress
 Camp Hill Campusing
 We all love Scugdale, maybe too popular
 Quality Mag Lime 
The 'Model'
 The magic woods of Arnecliff have an 8a, enter if you dare
 Won the best bobble hat prize at Roseberry
 Oh no I have to put a grade to this, maybe I will wait till Dave does it?
 The Machine is back with us, now a married man, he now has a tracker fitted to his leg.
 Chimney perfection, Steve was stuck for six days, a good weight loss problem
 James loves lip traverses
The Thorgill circuit is excellent, now even I'm getting into lip traverses
 The late evening Rosedale climb off, Steve won this one 
 Not myself this day, a bit moody working it all out, cheered up later
 Ugg, Lip, Climb, Me
 A strange place with leaning trees
Mike got some of the best Elvis leg I have ever seen on this - no longer a project, right at the end on the easy bit, video to follow.

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