18 Apr 2010

A Grand Tour

The day started with a hearty breakfast at Tescos, were Steve (Aka Ram Man) was getting dropped off, we had agreed to do some major scouting out of the bouldering at Ingleby Incline with a few diversions on the way, the first one being......
A Fine Traverse at Ravenswick
The Second Crux
Ravenswick Quarry - a great little limestone crag with a steep wall you can climb on in the rain, a short walk in (2mins), lots of eliminates and some harder traverse test pieces. The one above is on the lower platform in the quarry alcove, starting from sit on the far right of the break and using the crack only for hands once you have gained the break. It's entertaining as the crux moves are at the beginning and the end, all in all a pumpy, sustained but worth while SS F6b, no feet in the break under the lip! a great warm up
Body Torque Block
The next stop was Stormy Hall, for some unfinished business, and to introduce Steve to the Project, Body Torque. He seemed very happy with the find, and after some good hard attempts and change of technique, dispatched the crux in a true Ramsden manner, using this equation (power + technique x determination = success)
Body Torque F7a+*** Hard
Other problems done were Angry Woodlouse SS F6c**, on the face behind the Body Torque prow - a good jug to start, to any of the left hand side-pulls, then pop for the top. Very precise moves, pure class. 
Next was linking the moves to the bottom boulder traverse on some slopers - not too hard but I was too pumped out to finish the job!
SS at the Heather using the upper slopers
Finally over to Ingleby for some power trudging, checking out the first half of what the area has to offer.
As we got there Steve spied a monster block, just on the edge of the felled woodland. It was something to drool over for sure and it held about six lines with a bit of cleaning. Steve got straight onto the left arete, quite entertaining watching him palm lichen with a bad landing! 
I decided to clean the central line, hanging upside down from a holly tree to clean the not so good holds at the top. This proved very worthwhile as the line fell in true three star fashion, after some bold attempts, on a high top crux, lead to a very morpho end to a fine moors test piece, Waylander 6c+*** (for me one of the best lines I have done in moors to date).
Ingleby is full of potential, Having seen projects I would go back to attempt and share with any other eager esoteric beavers! The area is too vast to do in a day, but a return visit is definitely on the cards.
Steve pressing hard on Waylander 6c+*** 
Steve will be making a video of the problems - coming soon. 

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