5 Apr 2010

A Very Lucky Easter

Heading up to the Moors with the weather forecast as it was, seemed a bit crazy, wet sandstone is a bit of a no go! Saturday a visit to sodden Stoupe Brow on the Two Sisters, an amazing pair of boulders with some bold future lines, a few goes at some projects, not a good idea as the foot holds were wet.
Had a skeg at some good lines-plenty to return to. May even don a harness to have a go at some of Franco and Dave's routes (shock horror-says the wife!).
Stoupe Brow
Piton Crack
Sit Start to a rising arete
Woke up early Sunday and dashed off in the morning light to investigate further round the Brow. Bumped into some old friends from the Highlands! 
Found a nice overhanging block with spectacular views across to Robin Hood's Bay.
We headed on to Rosedale keen to check out some blocks down in the valley (Any excuse to get a visit to the Lion Inn!)
Lion Arete, Rosedale head F6a ***
Working a hard sit start to a project - traverse along a band of ironstone nodules the up to small crimps
On the south side of the Lion Boulder, on a sunny afternoon break between the showers. This one has a mane of heather growing on top (Nothing to do with the pub!?).
Project - an erstwhile effort, but didn't make it to the top
The problem 'Beer' 6b+* a great drink beloved by Jason and Steve
Rosedale Monologue F6b**
On from here to the Rosedale Monolith it  had a central project on curved sloping rails (Albert and the Lion?) was attempted initially, then a top-out was achieved on the arete (Rosedale Monologue).
Rosedale Monolith-Shows the angle
Final moves on the overhanging arete (Rosedale Monologue)


  1. Did you do the V7 'piton Crack'? Twas quite hard. Good guide to Rosedale by the way, will be up there soon.

  2. No! the footholds were wet, didn't want to damage the rock, some good finger locking and ballerina moves needed to top out F7b? needs to be dry.

    Enjoy Rosedale when you get there