17 Jun 2010

The Best so Far

Half a year into exploring the bouldering potential of the North Yorkshire Moors and the experience has been more enjoyable than I expected it to be, Thanks to the inspired Ram-Man, Dooge and Franco, cheers lads, and after finding some what I think is pretty world class bouldering, on some quite isolated problems, yet awe-inspiring sandstone,  anyway here is a hit list of the best so far and the odd project. (shown below in bold)

The Prow, 7a, Wainstones
Body of a Greek God, 6c, Wainstones
Submariner, 6b+, Captain Cooks Crag
Lion Arete, 6a+, Rosedale
Rosedale Monologue, 6b, Rosedale
Rosedale Monolith, Central Route 7b upwards, Rosedale
Philleas Fogg, 7A, Camp Hill
Body Torque, 7B+, Stormy Hall
42, 7A+, Tranmire
Oak Wall, Somewhere 7B upwards, Oak Crag
Oak Wall Arete, 7B upwards, Oak Crag
Strict Arete, SS 7A+, Camp Hil

Knee Deep, 6a+, Camp Hill
Waylander, 6C+, Ingleby
Pannierman's Arete, 6B+, Round Crag
The Hunted, 7A+, Goathland

Elephantitis, 7a, Hagg House Boulders
Corpus Hypercubus, 7a+, Dali Boulders
Corpus Hypercubus Extention (Dare I say in the 8's), Dali Boulders
Thor, 7a, Thorgill Boulders
Torsång, 6c+, Thorgill Crag
Piton Crack, 7b upwards, Ravensdale
Desperate Dan, 6c, Ravensdale
Keyhole Surgery, 7a+, Ravensdale
Beacoup de Gifle, 6b, Duck Boulders
Project, 6c upwards, 2nd Buttress, Bridestones (shown below)
Early in the year at the Bridestones

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