13 Jun 2010

A Surreal Obsession with Landscape

After last weeks visit to High Crag, another visit was on the cards, with a good crew to try last weeks finds, which they seemed to enjoy!
We had a second sweep of the boulders in High Woods, working out what could be worth cleaning up to get a worthwhile circuit in the area. Not fancying a major clean up session in the woods, I made a swift exit to Tarn Hole and the bright, clean, white-looking boulders up on East Bilsdale Moor.
A few lines at Tarn Hole were spied, but not enough to get the shoes out?
From Tarn Hole I headed towards a track on the top of the Moor via a Grouse-butt path. The Boulders were buried in the Moor! Luckily enough for me I dropped down right onto them.
Firstly the blunt arete with no success - looked like it could stick somehow and was a good height. Moving left, a good little problem emerged via a mono and a break (but with no block for feet).
The Persistence of Memory Font 6a+*
Then onto the main event - the left hand roof section. This went right back under the split boulders, about 6 metres. Starting this far back would need a stunning achievement of jamming, bridging and various other techniques. Too hard for me; so gained a sit start further out of the cave.
Corpus Hypercubus Font 7a+***
Holding the pinch before pulling hard to the high jam with the right hand!
The start was easy to work out; but getting the right hand jam in above and left was hard. Moving on from that proved to be very entertaining, with some of the best and most varied moves I have done on the Moors and at a pretty good angle.

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