4 Jun 2010

Thunder Claps and Mighty Oaks

Destination Thorgill Crag and the boulders a bit further north that looked promising - some tall shadows on Google - After parking on Blakey Ridge, we headed towards the Thorgill Boulders first , pleasantly surprised with the boulders and most of the landings.
Keen and after a quick clean, some good lines were done - Billy found a nice traverse block with some striaght ups and a short arete on the next block.
Billy's traverse 'Bilskirnir' SS F6a+*
Billy on 'Thor' F7a***
After a good scout the best of the field that we found was 'Thor' God of thunder (Since the farmer appeared after some loud shot gun blasts! wielding a mighty big gun!) with the arete variation F6b**
Next on to Thorgill Crag, a very vegetated Crag and cluster with some high and dirty boulders, worth the visit as hidden under an Old Mighty Oak a steep apex boulder held three quality lines on great rock - after some major cleaning. The left arete 'Thorsminde' F6c* The right arete 'Torsång' SS F6c+** and a central line finishing just below the apex to the right Bermuda SS F7a** all toping out just right of the apex.
Billy on the right arete 'Torsång' SS F6c+**
Steve hanging the crimp - on the more direct 'Bermuda' SS F7a+**
The boulder field could do with more of a scouting mission - as the highball boulder in the middle of the field looked good and we never checked out the lower left-hand boulders (as you face the crag) - again another good days bouldering with some great problems done on the Moors, Cheers boys.

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  1. Look like some good discoveries there. Where's that massive one in the field? Somewhere along the train track?